the basketcase (dammitcarl) wrote in big_fun,
the basketcase

red, yellow, green

For fox1013. Heatherslash. Words: turquoise, vendetta, Sesame Street.

Colour Code

Heather made the decision in study hall. She even gave it a title: the Sesame Street Vendetta.

"The citizens of Westerburg need our guidance," she said. "Did you see Courtney's turquoise blazer? My God, the colour can't decide if it's blue or green."

Heather laughed next to you, and Heather gave you a kick in the shins to make sure you were paying attention. Heather was always like that around Heather.

"How are people going to know I'm in charge when Betty Finn's wearing that awful red plaid knock-off? We need to institute order."

Along with the new lunchtime poll, Heather announced the new dress code. Not even Courtney complained.

You had always been a Heather by default. Power didn't make much sense when you were the first one bending over when Heather asked. But at least you were first.
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